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Wine of the Week


Saint Roch

2015 Cotes du Rousillon Villages



Grenache, Syrah & Carignan


93 Wine Advocate



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A Fantastique French Red!

Don't miss this stunner! We tasted this back in July when the distributor dropped by with a sample, they anticipated selling us boatloads as they knew this wine was a big time winner! We tasted it, loved it and sent them away with a large order! An hour later they called us back and said the wine was sold out. Huh? You just left the shop? We won't bore you with the details of how everything unfolded from there. However, we were assured a second shipment was coming and were guaranteed the original quantity we ordered. The wine arrived yesterday.

It's as good, if not better than we remember tasting a few months back. Read the Wine Advocate review below. The review states that it reminds him of a "mini SQN"
(SQN stands for Sine Qua Non) which sell in the $250-$500+ range. High praise indeed and maybe a touch of hyperbole but the wine is awesome, especially at this price! We agree that the wine could easily pass for a wine at a much higher price point!

From Wine Advocate:
Giving up jammy notes of black raspberries, licorice, smoked herbs and chocolate, the 2015 Cotes du Roussillon Villages Chimeres (aged in demi-muid and concrete vates) needs to be snatched up by savvy readers. Full-bodied, deep and layered with incredible texture, I actually called this a mini SQN. I would gladly pay three to four times the going rate. Bravo!

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