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Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week


Shannon Ridge

2018 Lake County

Petite Sirah


$23 at the winery


Our Price $9.99

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An amazing value Petite Sirah is our WOW!
There are times when certain wines from certain wineries just catch us by surprise with a bottling that just blows us away especially in the super value category. This particular producer is dedicated to passing along these surprises to the consumer as their philosophy is to over deliver.
From owner Clay Shannon: We grow incredible mountain fruit at a great value for our customers.You can’t find this level of quality at an everyday drinking price.
Owner and visionary leader of Shannon Ridge Family of Wines, Clay Shannon has transformed his ranch into one of the agricultural icons of California’s North Coast, and in doing so is changing the face and substance of grape-growing in the USA.
From Owner Clay Shelton: We are passionate about preserving our land, not only for great vineyard sites, but for the wild creatures which share our property. Our sustainability practices integrate a flock of sheep that clean the vineyards, remove the excess canopy, and reduce the need for chemicals, while providing natural fertilizer.
Oh yeah, how about the wine? Its just crazy how a Petite Sirah for under $10 (Its $23 at the winery)  can be this good! The wine is loaded with layers of flavor that you would normally find at twice the price. So smooth and delicious you will be back for more after you taste sooner than later. Flavors of blackberry, blueberry and hints of cranberry, black pepper, cedar, warm spices and toasty vanilla. Quite the delicious treat for a incredible price!
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