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Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week


Vinador Red

By Roblar Winery & Refugio Ranch


Syrah & Grenache Blend


Winery Price $20


Our Price $11.99

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A very elegant version of a Syrah/Grenache blend is our Wine of the Week! It takes this wine a good hour to wake up all the flavors layered inside this beautiful red blend. The wait is well worth it.
It proved to be a great match with the burgers we grilled last night!
In addition, there is a very special story and reason this wine was created.
Vinador means winegrower in Spanish. Gleason Family Vineyards owner and operator of Refugio Winery and Roblar Winery, is pleased to present Vinador Wines, honoring those who work the vines. Vineyard workers are the unsung heroes of the wine industry. In wine culture and marketing so much attention is directed toward the winemakers and vineyard owners. Often overlooked is the fact that wine would not exist at all without the dedicated efforts of our crews in the vineyards. The Vinador wine was created to shine a spotlight on our vineyard workers, and to make their role in the winery more present in the minds of the consumers.

Help support the amazing people behind the scenes in the vineyard year round!







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