TapHunter Tip
Trying to keep track of all the new beer releases can be a very time-consuming task these days, especially in San Diego.
There are several vehicles to help monitor such as our:
and I encourage to follow us and check all of those regularly!
We have just started to work with a great company called TapHunter. Many of you may already be familiar with them as they are a great source of information for beer offerings in bars, restaurants and retail outlets.
We post inventory updates via TapHunter, so if you are looking for a specific beer, this is an amazing resource, I definitely encourage everyone of you to download the TapHunter app.

We will also have a few sought after beers coming into the store next week and
I want to give all of you on our mailing list a heads up before everyone else.
These are expected to be in store 2/6 or 2/7. Delivery dates and quantities may vary so please call, e-mail, check Instagram or check TapHunter to verify stock as some of these will be very limited and most will only be available in store.

Bell's Hopslam Double IPA 6pks- 100 RateBeer
--- Only 2 cases to sell, Limit 1 per person

Deschutes The Abyss 2016- 100 RateBeer
--- Limit 2 per person

Founders Frootwood- Brand New Barrel-Aged Release from Founders!
--- 4 packs and 750s, Limit 1 per person of either size.


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