Wine of the Month


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R Collection

By Raymond

 2016 California
LOT No. 1

Cabernet Sauvignon




We take our WOM (Wine of the Month) very seriously as the wine must always over-deliver in one way or another. It always means the wine is a great value no matter where it comes from and we always try to keep it under $16.
We taste a lot of wines in a month and for one wine to emerge on top of the rest is a big deal.

Speaking of big deals... this is the FIRST Lot from a new series of wines Raymond Winery is producing. Meant to deliver exceptional value for everyday enjoyment this wine delivers that in spades! There have been many "Lot" wines over the years from various producers. Trust us when we say that you should get in early to buy the inaugural Lot. The winery is putting its best foot forward to showcase exceptional value so that you'll look to find these wines down the road when they are on Lot 25.
However, by the time it reaches Lot 25 the wine sometimes becomes something different as production has been ramped up big time (down goes the quality).

Beautifully balanced with raspberry, plum, vanilla and a touch of cocoa on the finish. Just in time for your summer B-B-Q season.

This is the best under $10 California Cabernet Sauvignon we have tasted in some time! Looking for a house wine for all the friends and family who want to visit San Diego in the summer? It's right here. Load up the cart!

See you soon!