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 2013 Paso Robles
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How about 65% off a terrific tasting Paso Robles Syrah as our WOM? Actually, with just under 100 cases to sell, this will more than likely not make it through the month of October!

With six years of age underneath it this Syrah drinks so incredibly well with its ultra smooth texture and super rich cherry, raspberry and chocolaty flavors you won't believe you are drinking a $12 bottle of wine. No chance there is another Syrah out there at this price point coming from perfect provenance (Has been at the winery all these years until delivered directly to us) that you will find at this price point.

We enjoyed this the other evening with some BBQ chicken and ribs with some friends and it is safe to say that it was an enormous hit! Definitively Paso Robles as it has massive amounts of fruit but it went well with all the smoky goodness of the chicken and ribs. This certainly can be enjoyed  on its own but be warned the alcohol comes in at 16%! Not for the faint of heart!

The Syrah deal of the year!

This will be one of the wines to try at our tasting this Saturday. See lineup HERE!

See you soon!




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