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Our customers have spoken. The following are actual testimonials published on prominent and respected Internet Websites: 
From M. Cooley: (Google 9/23) 5 Stars: Extremely helpful and has a great selection of beer! Great people working here!!!
From J B (Google 8/23) 5 Stars: My fav place to wine shop. You don't need to know everything about wine to shop here. They can help you find something you'll love and the prices are competitive with grocery stores that are less quality.
From Google N Petre (Google 7/23) 5 stars: This store really surprised me and my wife with a variety of wines it has. Besides that prices are quite reasonable what makes it especially attractive. I ve never thought that Miramar location has such a great store as it seemed more like industrial area to me always. I like how they arranged the plates with names of wine regions. Super clean inside. Great place to search for some good wine. Go check yourselves. Highly recommend!
From J. Smith (Google 2/23): 5 Stars: I found this place when I was about to go to eat some seafood buffet right around the corner ..this store being in this location ???????????????????? Best Quality wine I have ever tasted in my life‼️???? . Gary so generous asked him for his input on a personal matter he didn't hesitate to give me his input ✨he made me feel very appreciated. Fan of this store
From J. Watson (2/23 Google) 5 stars: Love these people. Great staff
From R. Scwartz (1/23 Google) 5 Stars: San Diego's best beer bottle/can shop. They stock lots of hard to find IPAs from all over the country. Single cans sell for $4 to $9. 10% discount on a mixed 6-pack. Discounted 4-packs are also available. Great wine selection as well. Highly recommended.
From J. Chavez (Google 6/22): I have order from.orange county and the next day UPS was knocking my front's door...Awesome .....the way the bottles where in the box . Really boxed with care......the best i love it..they just got a new custumer
From G. Cobb (Google 12/22 ) 5 Stars: Drinks (beers, meads, sake and wines) from around the ????. Very knowledgeable of most of their products. Great prices from the inexpensive to extraordinary;)
From R. Schwartz (Google 5/22) San Diego's best beer bottle/can shop. They stock tons of hard to find IPAs from all over the country. Single cans sell for $4 to $9. 10% discount on a mixed 6-pack. Discounted 4-packs are available as well. Great wine selection as well. Highly recommended.
From R. Turango (Google 4/22) Great selection and prices. Unique wines. Nice owners and staff. Like supporting small businesses.
From B. Blasingame (Google 2/22) I found my favorite sake ever, tozai blossom of peace, and this place not only had it, but ships it so I can order it from 3/4ths the way across the us. Nowhere near me sells it or is able to order it so online is my only option. a lot of sites won't ship to me or their cost per bottle + shipping is outrageous. ordered 3 bottles a few months back to share with friends and after being dry for a bit decided to order a few more along with two new ones that I've never had and am now eagerly awaiting.
From Mike (Google 8/21) 5 Stars: A must visit for any wine fan
From Joanne W. (google 8/21) 5 Stars: Love the comments the store writes about the wine. Also posted are the various ratings if they have them. I take a photo and review as I'm sipping at home!
From C. Glancey (Google 8/21) 5 Stars: Fantastic place! All the Associates are very helpful & friendly. I like their business model on wine selection.
From Kim R. (Google 8/21) 5 Stars: Oh my goodness!! The beer selection is phenomenal! The gentleman who helped us was amazing (sorry I didn't get his name!) We needed help finding a few beers and he knew exactly where they were! Also an amazing wine selection, but we were beer shopping today. Definitely will be back!
From Rick S. (Google 5/5/20) 5 Stars One of San Diego's best bottle shops. Hard to find beers for $5.99 by the can. 10% discounts on 6 beers. Recommended.
From Fred J. (Google 4/20) 5 Stars: Best place in San Diego to shop for beer and wine!
From Tiny G. (Google 4/20) 5 Stars: We've loved going to San Diego Wine & Beer Co., sometimes just to look around and their amazing selection. We finally made it down to the location in San Diego where it more of the same - excellent selection of fine wines and liquor. What a great store with employees that really know their stuff. We're just such big fans of this company and how they run their store and keep them so up to date and well organized.
From Kirk P. (Google 2/20) 5 Stars, Ordering from out of state for a local San Diego delivery, was pleasantly surprised that "UPS Ground delivery" turned into next-day delivery. Plus, my pre-store opening order was fulfilled within minutes of their opening.
From Ian F. (Google 1/20) 5 Stars, This place has an absolutely awesome beer selection for you beer snobs. The cold beers are mostly hazys and IPAs. Great selection from the likes of Revision, Abnornal, Burgeon, Bottlecraft and much more. Individual cans of the IPAs range from about $3 to $6. The more expensive ones being doubles. The cans and bottles of stouts, porters, sours and barrel aged can be much more. Overall, excellent stop for beer. Even my extremely snobby beer loving friend thought it had an amazing selection. Lota of wine too but I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to that. I hope they eventually start stocking Green Cheek!
From John C. (Google 11/19) 5 Stars, Great staff; great wines; great values!
Ryan D. (Google 10/19) 5 Stars, My go to for good wine. Very helpful staff always willing to point you to a great bottle or two.
From Jerrell B. (Google 10/18) 5 Stars Great selections, easy to get in trouble here... Self control is a must before walking in.
From Alfre V. (Google 9/9/18) 5 Stars, Excelente lugar para comprar cervezas de vino, yo acudía comprar vino el servicio es excelente. No hablan español pero hacen el mejor esfuerzo por darte un buen servicio. El lugar es super recomendado.
(translated: Excellent place to buy wine beers, I came to buy wine the service is excellent. They do not speak Spanish but they make the best effort to give you a good service. The place is super recommended.)
From Jamie M. (Google 9/7/18) I don't normally write reviews, but in this case I have to give a 5-star rating. Their selection and prices on unique wines is fantastic. And now I like beer too, so it's pretty much my favorite place to go in San Diego.
From Bobby S. (Google 8/18) We went here to find some Portuguese wines... They had a very small selection but exactly the ones we were looking for! While we were there we also found a Spanish wine and stocked up on beers. The prices were about 15% cheaper on the Portuguese wines than what we actually paid in Portugal! So naturally we had to buy $200 worth! Hahaha... The beer selection is a curated selection. They have some of the well-known things.. but also many more of the Obscure things. I would recommend any beer connoisseur brows to their inventory.
From Lorie S. (Google 6/20/18) 5 Stars,  Love this place. Been buying wine from these guys for many years now. I really appreciate their knowledge on wines, great selections and prices. Mark is my go to person he understands my picky pallet and always has something new for me to try. Having a dinner party, or just want a few good bottles of wine?? Walk in and tell them what you like, trust me you will not be disappointed.
From Brittany F. (Google 6/7/18) 5 Stars This place is my favorite wine secret in San Diego. Exceptional buys and fantastic service from staff.
From Annelise S. (Google 6/1/18) 5 Stars, The best beer selection and prices in San Diego today.
From Paula S. (Google 6/2/18) 5 Stars, Best variety of wines, great prices, wine tasting, knowledgeable, helpful & friendly sales people, it's just the best place in San Diego to buy wine! Thank you, San Diego Wine & Beer Co.!!
From J. Reyes (Google 5/23/18) 5 Stars, Mucha celeccion precios competitivos.
From E. Tarazo (Google 5/23/18) 5 Stars, Craft beer selection is amazing.
From D. Murphy via email 05/23/18 I came across your store when I was heading to a party in kearny Mesa, you guys are doing it right!
From M./ Carter (Google 5/21/18) 4 Stars, Always a ton of options. Staff is always super knowledgeable.
From Q. Frauman (Google 5/17/18) 5 Stars, Extremely helpful, fantastic staff and great selection! Will be back soon.
From Bill A. (Google 3/21/18) 5 Stars, Best wines, lowest prices!
From Ray H. (Facebook 3/18) San Diego Wine and Beer Co. sells the best wine selected by their staff and sampled by their patrons at the lowest price they can Sell it! Oh, and for you beer lovers, they have a wonderful selection brews from all tastes of life! 
From Patty K. (Google 3/6/18) 5 Stars, Great selection of everything from value wines to high end selections. Help available with selections, if needed. One of our go to wine stores.
From Joann P. (Google 3/3/18) 5 Stars, Best selection and best staff.
From Michael S. (Google 1/29/18) 5 Stars, One of the best, if not the best, wine store in San Diego County. Matt finds some amazing deals and their wine selection is very diverse. Been patronizing this store for almost 20 years and it rarely fails to deliver. Check their on-line WOW offerings.
From Jason B. (Google 1/11/18) 5 Stars, Low key spot that is slightly out of the way (for me at least) - but well worth the drive. Their selection and experience is the best in Southern California.
From Paul M. (Google 1/5/18) 5 Stars, Excellent spot for wines and craft beer. Staff is always knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are always competitive just be careful that they close early.
From Will H. (Google 1/1/18) 5 Stars, One of the better selections of beer in San Diego.
From Chris (Google 12/17) 5 Stars, Love, love, love! Great selection of wine (and micro beer now too). The owners/team are friendly, knowledge, and helpful but not at all intrusive. Selection and quality is superb with different prices that will accommodate any budget.
I highly recommend making this your go-to wine shop!
From B. McAlister (10/29/17) Facebook Review, 5 stars Literally incredible. Wow. The service was incredible and the beer selection sent me into a spending frenzy.
From Felik D. (Google 10/25/17) 5 Stars, Great hand-picked wines at reasonable prices
From B. Portnoy (Google 10/17) 5 stars,Great selection for all price ranges, representing all major wine producing regions. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, mostly young guys.

From Email C. La Pierre (Sept 17, 2017) I just wanted to compliment you on the marvelous selection of wines you made for us when we visited the store on Sept 13th….all of which were enjoyed at our wine dinner last night! They were all a real HIT!! Best of all…..our wine group consists of some of your regular customers! Randy and Mimi Moore, Dan and Margaret Loomis, etc. We never could have done this on our own for sure….thank you so much!!!

From Nikki A (Google 8/20/17) 4 stars, Nice selection of wine. Very friendly staff.
From Joaline P. (Google 8/18/17) 4 Stars, Pricy. Excellent beer and wine selection. Nice personal.

From Rhonda R. (Google 7/29/17)  5 stars, Try the H by Havens Cab! Great selection and prices! Really knowledgeable & nice guys work there

From Tim M. (Google 7/15/17) 5 Stars, Great selection! It's only about 25 minutes from San Diego airport. We stopped here right after arriving from Hawaii to stock up. They'll definitely have what you are looking for! Wine and craft beers. Also they have wine tasting on Saturday's.

From Dan R. (Google 7/3/17) 5 Stars, Hands down the best value wine shop in San Diego. Staff is highly knowledgeable on wine and they have a tasting room on weekends. Their specials can be quite good, so listen to the staff recommendation after you tell them what you like.
From Patrick B (Google 4/17/17) 5 Stars, Very spacious, great beer and customer service.
From Frank D. (Yelp 3/17/17) This is a fantastic place in San Diego to get the wines and beers you want for everyday. This a also a great place to plan for that special occassion when you are looking for top end wine or sought after but hard to find beer. Once you take in their vast selection of wines and beer, and discover the price point of the wines, that is when you are really drawn in. Veuve Clicquot NV Yellow Label Brut, $41.95, Paul Bara Non VIntage Grand Cru Brut Rose $42.99 and Bollinger NV Special Cuvee Brut $49.95 all 750 ML bottles. It' a great place to try, step aside BevMo. They also  offer wine tasting on Saturdays. Just check out the website. Plus, good customer service.

From J. Kennedy (Google 3/12/17) 5 Stars, Good selection of wines from around the world at reasonable prices.

From M. Nelson (Google 3/10/17) 5 Stars, The best locally owned wine and beer shop in town. Their email list is worth subscribing to.

From T. Shawcraft (Google 2/10/17) 5 Stars, Very knowledgeable staff with great suggestions.
From Stacy H. (FaceBook 2/11/17) Awesome selection of wine and craft beers with even more amazing prices! Come to one of their sip and shops and taste some wines you've never had before!
From T. Sheaman (Google 2/7/17) 5 Stars, Great selection (with hand written descriptions) and the best personal service anywhere. Have been coming to this shop fopr years.
From Will J. (Google 1/2017) 5 Stars, "Enjoy the wine tastings. Great pricing & selection."
From Tim V. (Google 1/2017) 5 Stars, "Great service, great selection and a knowledge base that makes our job as a host so easy. They have given me support on 3 weddings to date, I just happen to be the lucky uncle who offered to by the drink. The 3rd is my own daughter's wedding and we are days from collecting our order, a few more days until the event, but confident our quantities will be perfect and that the wine and sparkling will be delicious. Thank you SDWB."
From Mike. V (Google My Business 9/24/16)
“Best wine shop in the city.”
From Martin F. (Yelp 9/17/16)
Wow what a selection!   Everything from A to Z and in between.  Found some great value in their recommendations and love the vino.  Price was all over the place.  From basic everyday to wonderful special occasion they have it all. Great find!
From Angie D. (Yelp 9/16/16)
I have been going to SDWC for years now and love that they've expanded into the craft beers. Now I don't have to feel guilty and can get my husband some craft beers too. The layout of the store presumably allows for lower overhead (no fancy racks or frills, just lots of good wines) so the prices are very reasonable. I have never bought a bad wine here. Even if I didn't like the wine, it was never what I'd call "swill" - they taste all of the wines they purchase and if they're not up to snuff, they just won't buy it. I doubt there are many places that can say that. They also won't buy wines that they don't believe are a good value. The wines move through fast so they're never corked or stored improperly, having been sitting in heat for years, for example. All of the folks there are great. If you tell them what you like, they'll recommend something for you. They also have great selections for hard to find wines from all around the world. When I want something they don't have, I can ask and many times, they will special order it for me. They are awesome! I don't go anywhere else. Also, you will see wines there for less than you will see at other places, including the big box liquor store I won't mention... Thank goodness for SDW&BC!
From Paul C. (Google 9/14/16)
Great place to experience many types of wines and beer. The prices are very reasonable and fair. The personnel are very friendly and knowledgeable. It's like a candy store for wine and beer.
This is hands down the best wine shop in the San Diego area. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always helpful and they have a great Saturday tasting.
From Enrique A. (Yelp 8/27/16)
Amazing selection of wines from around the world. Whether I need a $7 bottle or a $70 bottle, they have range of great options to choose from. I especially love the French and Spanish selections.
From Veronica B. (Yelp 8/4/16)
The owners are very personable and know a lot about wine!  They will give you great recommendations on what to get! I would highly recommend this place and will be going again!
From Jason L. (Yelp 6/16)
Yelp doesn't let you use emoji's but if they did, my review would look something like this:
Heart eyes - heart eyes - Thumbs up  - Those stupid two hands with light coming off them that are supposed to symbolize...what? a masterpiece or something? Who the hell knows - fire - fire - heart eyes - wine glass - heart eyes
Our youth may be doomed but thanks to the SD Wine Co., we can just drink affordable booze until we dont care anymore.
From B. Stapper (Google 5/16)
By far the best wine store. The staff is extremely friendly with zero attitude, they help you find a great bottle that will match your budget. Great selection. Thanks Guys!
From Michaela R. (Yelp 4/11/16)
I used San Diego Wine Co. for my wedding last month. The owner Matt assured me that "buying the alcohol will be the easiest part of wedding planning," and he was right! I called less than two weeks before the event, which I was worried would be too soon, and the staff calculated exactly how much I would need. My guests are still raving about the quality of the wine and champagne we served! Thanks Matt, Mark, and team!
From Amy P. (Yelp 3/1/16)
This place is amazing. Ordered two bottles from their website. Excellent pricing and helpful staff. The bottles arrived so quickly! Very impressed. Thank you!
From Zildheam D. (Yelp 2/22/16)
Rose bellacart salmon for only 69.99!!
Amazing deals, how do they stay in business?
I saw a bollinger 007 for around 199.00 and couldnt believe the price tags on some of this stuff.
Excellent customer service, easy to find, ample parking.
i cant wait to go back.
From Jason S. (Yelp 1/23/16)
Wow!  Just found this little gem on-line while looking for a specific beer.  First of all, very convenient right off the 805.  Secondly, their beer selection was great!  Stuff from all around, different types, AND knowledgeable staff on the products (the beer).  Oh and they have wine too, but I didn't go into that so I leave that rec open.
From Doreen E. (Yelp 1/22/16)
Perhaps I have yet to review this place because I want all the wine to myself! It's a gem of a wine store, tucked into a non descript strip mall on Miramar Road. But it carries some really terrific and well-priced wines. They also carry a lot of local brews. Ask for guidance and they'll be happy to help you.
From Michelle L. (Yelp 12/2/15)
Great experience here today.  The Manager, Mark Fratta, helped me pick wine for my company gift giving this year. Everything was done quickly, professionally and with care.  Highly recommend this place! Cheers!!
From Michael G. (Yelp 12/2/15)
great selection, great prices, great staff
From Tine B. (Yelp 12/1/15)
My new local spot for specialty craft beers & of course a great wine selection indeed! I discovered this place just through searching craft beer stores in my local area. It's located on miramar road; didn't have any trouble finding it & or parking. The service I received was on point. These guys really know their craft beers. I was shopping for a gift, told them the preferences on taste & left with 5 bottles in hand. I'll be sure to be coming back for more. If you're the type who loves high rated specialty craft beers, check this place out. 5 stars for service, area, environment & stock. Thank you to the staff for a great 1st time experience.
From Gregory R.. (Yelp 10/3/15)
Great place to taste and shop for wines you would pay much more for at other locations.   Staff us friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions. Their wine of the month has never let me down.
From David M. (Yelp 9/4/15)
"Great Selection, Professional Service, Wonderful Prices "
I visited the San Diego Wine Company at 7080 Miramar Rd. in San Diego this week and  was pleasantly surprised. I had never been to this store before, but drove 40 miles to get there because i found a wine I was looking for on the San Diego Wine Company web site. When I walked into the store I was greeted by Jameson Brooks the Assistant manager/Wine Buyer, and Jake Jerome a sales Associate. Both Jake and Jameson were so knowledgeable, honest, professional, and nice answering all of my wine questions, as we walked around the store. The SDWC has a large variety of wines from around the world for you to pick from. SDWC has a very nice web site at  sandiegowineco.com, where you can view all the wines they sell, and where they post a wine tasting schedule. They also have an in store wine newsletter with special prices listed for your viewing pleasure. Matt Francke the owner of SDWC is also currently expanding their store, by adding a large craft beer section with a wide variety of Beers from all over the world. SDWC also has Special Parallel parking spots in front of the store, so the loading of your cases of wine to your car by the employees is smooth and easy. SDWC is well worth a visit the next time you want a great wine shopping experience !
From Ryan S. (Yelp 6/6/15) My wife and I LOVE San Diego Wine Company. Since we moved a year ago we've been looking for a wine shop. The team at SDWC handpicks some of the best wines for the price. I usually go in, hand them my cart, tell them what I like, then leave with 12 bottles. Go! You won't regret it. 
From S. Folio (Facebook 5/14/15) 5 Stars
My go to local wine shop. Great selection, prices and a very helpful staff. Jameson is friendly, knowledgeable and has introduced me to new producers, varietals and importers that I often enjoy.
From Chris S. (Google Review 4/15)
5 stars, Wine Tasting!!
From Geoffrey L. (Yelp 5/30/15)
I've shopped here for years and have yet to buy a wine that wasn't good.  Even the wines I didn't ultimately like had great character for what they were, without flaws.  And they have something great for every price point.
The staff is very knowledgeable and they do a nice rotation of wines, especially the foreign varietals.  I've been waiting for some South African Pinotage, and they finally arrived as promised!
As an aspiring sommelier, I appreciate their Saturday tastings, which are usually organized by theme.  Comparing six to eight wines by region can help you appreciate the terroir and wine making style. I love to "study" here every weekend.
From Mindy G. (Yelp 5/14/15)
Last week was my third visit to this shop, and I have to say they are nailing it! I am just starting to learn about wine and build up a small collection of my own, so was a little intimated about coming in here the first couple of times, but was greeted by Jameson each time who made my experience great. He was incredibly knowledgable about the wines and gave recommendations that were on point. Last time I was in I had to get my wine savvy friend a gift, and he recommended a sparkling wine (which I know very little about) and my friend keeps raving about the bottle. Thanks for making me look good Jameson! I highly suggest checking this place out when you are in need of some good wine for reasonable prices.
My go to local wine shop. Great selection, prices and a very helpful staff. Jameson is friendly, knowledgeable and has introduced me to new producers, varietals and importers that I often enjoy.
5 STARS for our weekly Saturday Wine Tasting!
From Lawrence B. (Yelp 4/18/15)
Started coming to SDWC bc it was the local wine store in my area. Met Jameson who introduced himself and was extremely personable & welcoming. Came back to do a wine tasting on their weekends, which they do the honor system of self pouring & trust! Great wine selection, good prices, and superb service. This is officially my go-to wine store. As a wine professional in the industry, I highly recommend this store.
From Mike V. (Yelp 3/31/15)
These guys hit everything right  -
Great selection of wine at all price levels.
First class knowledge of their subject.
Excellent customer service.  
Central location.
Very highly recommended.  
My recommendation is to check out their web site, poke around for things that interest you and make note of them and come armed with stuff you have had in the past that you like.  This way, they can point you in the right direction and offer up suggestions.
From David A. (Yelp 3/28/15)
This place is great! The wines are priced very reasonably and the Saturday tastings are a great deal. So glad a friend recommended it!
From Laurie via our contact page:
You guys are amazing!!!!! Every bottle you have recommended has been unbelievable. That is all I want to say.....just thank you!
From Kathryn W. (Yelp 10/30/14)
They're the tops!  
They're the  Tower of Pizza.
They're the tops!  
They're the Mona Lisa!
Via Email (Oct. 2014) From D & E Roberts:
Hi Matt and Jonette -I hope you both are doing well! I wanted to take a minute to let you know that Elisa and I swung by yesterday to pick up some wine for a business mixer that we are hosting this week - and Kevin, your sales associate could not have been more helpful. He was just fantastic - very friendly, informative and he made it a super-easy experience for us (we were in and out in less than 15 minutes).... rest assured - we will be certain to talk (glowingly) about San Diego Wine Co.
Thanks again to you both, and Kevin as well!
From Rajy A. (Yelp 8/12/14)
I can't say enough good things about this place. I'm a total wine novice -- yet when I go by myself I get a great bottle of wine at a great price with Norstrom-level service. I don't even know enough about wine to tell them what I'm looking for -- I just let them know what kind of event I'm going to and they take care of me. I get a great bottle of wine at a good price. When I've come with friends who are wine nuts (or is it officianados?) they are blown away by the selections, the prices, and the service. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for 1 bottle or 100.
From Rae N. (Yelp 7/29/14)
My go to wine store! I've found that SD Wine Co has the best pricing and I love that they provide boutique wines and a nice selection that you typically don't see in the major chain liquor stores.  Everyone is pleasant and knowledeable.
From Stephen M. (Yelp 7/26/14)
Great prices on great wines.  I bought a case of various wines based on their tasting notes and was very pleased.  I liked everything I got from them.  I mistakenly arrived to pick up the wine before they opened and they filled the order and gave me the case anyway.  I'll shop for wine from sd wine before going anywhere else.
From Amy D. (Yelp 7/7/14)
I have been doing business with San Diego Wine Company for at least 10 years.  It is hands down THE BEST wine store in San Diego!!!  The owners, along with their entire staff are always a pleasure to do business with.  They are extremely knowledgeable on the wines they carry and are always there to lend a helping hand and point you in the right direction, whether for an everyday type of wine selection, a gift, or a special occasion bottle.  Their recommendations are always spot on.   They have a HUGE selection and their prices are the best around.  I highly recommend this wine shop to all!!!
From  Wally S. (Yelp 4/28/14)

Was actually at the burger place across the street saw this place and felt I needed a bottle of red for the evening.  Walked into a good surprise... a great selection.  I grabbed a bottle of Seghesio at an extremely reasonable price.  I have been in the wine biz I know.  If you get a change chat up the staff they are incredibly nice and overly friendly.  Who doesn't like a good shot out.  Jameson good job.  Congrats to the owner!!!!  I have been in San Diego for about 7 months now and good customer service doesn't seem to really exist.  Check this place out if you like wine.

 From Jeff T. (Yelp 4/12/14)
The staff is extremely knowledgeable and the prices are some of the best in San Diego. Great wine tastings on Saturday - best way to check it out then. We always have fun in the wine tastings. And the tasting fees are the lowest I've seen in awhile.  Give it a try, you will definitely be impressed.
From Ron P. (Yelp 4/4/14)
Excellent wine selections with price. Saturday tastings are a must for locals wishing to taste what is out there (not just Napa).
From Forrest W. (Feb 2014 Google Review)
 Matt & Jonette have a great wine selection and are great people! I would not by wine anywhere else.
From Lisa L. (Yelp 2/25/14)
LOVE LOVE SD Wine Co. We come here about once a month for the Sat wine tasting they have. We have been coming here for about 2 years. The staff is super friendly and they have a GREAT selection of wines and great prices! Seems like more and more people found out about this place becasue it is getting more and more crowded :( Good for them though....one of our fav spots (wish it was a lillte closer though, we live in Golden Hill)
From Mallory P. (Yelp 1/29/14)

Kevin was absolutely fantastic! My friend was getting married in a few days so we needed to pick and purchase wine quickly. We told Kevin what we were looking for and a price range and he picked out delicious West Coast wines for us. Easy, fun and affordable.

 From Melanie H. (Yelp 1/26/14)
I found this place by accident (placed an online order at another store and ended up here by mistake) and I'm so glad I did! Great selection of wines for every price point and the prices are the best I've seen in San Diego. The place is not pretentious at all and has incredibly helpful staff.
The Saturday wine tasting events are fun as well. I've only attended one, but for $10 you get to try 10 or so wines at your own pace. Seemed like a nice crowd of people and I walked out with some yummy wines.
From Robert K. (Yelp 1/24/14)
I buy a lot of wine from this place.  You cannot beat the price and selection!  The staff are always friendly and the store is always clean/organized.  The wine tasting sessions are great as well!
From Pat W. (Jan 2014 Google Review) Matt & Jonette have an impressive selection of wines, and great prices. But the it's the personal customer service that sets them apart from the rest.
From Prine G. (Yelp 11/25/13)
The best wine shop in San Diego, period.  The prices are super competitive. The owners are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  And the Saturday tastings are a blast! For a couple bucks you can try out over half a dozen wines while munching on some delish breads. Who doesn't like that?!
From Andrea P. (Yelp 11/8/13)
This is THEE BEST wine shop in San Diego hands down. I love this place!
The staff is super friendly and always there to help if you need it, and happy to let you browse alone if you don't. They all get to sample the wines sold there, so know how to point you in the right direction when you ask for something specific, instead of guessing what would be a good match. The prices are great: I refuse to buy wine at Trader Joes any longer now that I've been spoiled by the fabulous wines at SDWC for better prices...and MUCH better wines!
The Saturday wine tasting is awesome. Ten wines for 10 tastes and yummy bread to nibble on while you sample. Sharon, who runs the tasting room, is always fun to chat with, whether it be about wine or whatever else is going on, and she's great at giving tips not only on wine, but things like where to stay in Paso Robles. The customers at the event are usually very friendly and it's easy to get to know everyone. Not a stuffy at all. After going to tastings for several years I've made some great friends there. It's awesome....I highly recommend it!
From Pete T. (Yelp 11/6/13)
We have been shopping at San Diego Wine Co for years. We make a special trip at least twice a month and stock up on our favorites as well as a few bottles of their "Pick of the Month" and we are never disappointed.
Their knowledgable and enthusiastic team are always helpful regardless if we are buying a $50+ wine or a $10 wine, we always find the best value right here.
Why would you buy your wine from anywhere else?
From Tom T (Yelp 11/1/13)
Awesome wine, great prices and super friendly and knowledgeable staff.
From Kim L. of Stella & Dot (email 4/17/13)
Just stopped by today and Matt helped me choose 6 bottles for a party tomorrow evening. Just wanted to say thank you for being so helpful, friendly, and most importantly, not snooty as some other places can be! 
From J.X (Yelp 4/6/13)
This store trumps BevMo hands down in terms of service and selection. I love that I can always find a delicious wine in my budget, and that folks here are always so helpful and friendly. It also has a lovely selection of Sangiovese, which is so hard to find.
From Vanessa Z. (Yelp 4/4/13)
I absolutely love this wine shop.  They have everything you could ever hope for in wine and it's organized in a helpful way.  I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to choosing wine so I'll usually browse the entire store when the owner will step in and offer his help.  I'm always grateful because he makes the best recommendations based on my budget! Luckily for me it's located around the corner for my office so I frequently stop by on my way home and grab some delicious zinfandel or syrah for dinner.
From Patty W. (Facebook)
Great place for all my San Diego locals. If you don't already frequent this place, you need to check it out. :) Awesome selection and great prices. Hard to find small winery wines and super knowledgable staff! What more can I say. (I never endorse places on FB so this means a lot coming from me).
From Jason G. (Yelp 1/26/13) Hands down best store in San Diego.  It's the best because of the helpful staff and prices.  I used to go to the place down the street, but they always treated me like a leper.  Check this place out ASAP.
I think this store is easily the only stop anyone has to make for one's wine needs. Everyone there is helpful and the prices can't be beat. They manage to stock a huge of supply of well known favorites and rotate new wines through as well -- so every shopping experience is never the same. If we need a nicer bottle for a fancy dinner party -- they got that. If we need something for a summer BBQ party -- they got one for that. And if we just need something for an end of the day unwind in the backyard -- they've got one for that too. And I don't have to guess which bottle I should buy -- all I have to do is ask and they're more than happy to help. You gotta go visit this store!
From Cathleen F. (Yelp 9/12

Hands down the best place to buy wine at discounted prices.  Thoughtful selection.  A staff that's eager to help. And wine tastings on Saturdays too, approximately 10 wines for $10. My go-to place for special occasion as well as every day wines for at least a decade.  Don't be disappointed if you find "a find" and it's not there next time. Wines are priced to move, so inventory changes.

From Steve W. (Yelp 5/12) Good selection, very good prices, good service. They list their wines on their website so you can shop before you go if you have particular wine in mind, or you can simply browse in person. If you need some help in picking wine they are helpful. I have been shopping here for more than 8 years and buy the majority of my wine here.
  From Tom S (email 5/29/12) I went through a stage 20 years ago or so when I knew all the producers, vintages, regions, grapes and blends, and was willing to bore any and all at length with the fruits of my enthusiasm. I got over all that years ago, and now pretty much just want to drink well, and inexpensively. That can't happen, I had come to understand, by reading Wine Spectator. You need a good merchant to do the indispensable work of factoring the wine world down to a manageable list, tasted and reviewed. This note is to thank you for the good work you do each month finding and providing for sale at a good price so many interesting wines. This past few months in particular, in my opinion (and the reason for my writing today), has been exceptional for under $10 reds. Recently, the new Cachflo, Alamos, 2Up, Cousino Macul, and a few months back, the Derby Petite Sirah and Zolo Bonarda,(and a few others I have yet to taste, or can't recall) have been not only excellent values, but very good and interesting wines, the type you look forward to drinking and serving your friends, not just glad you paid less for. Thanks again, Tom
From Kathy F. (Facebook 3/12) Our favorite place. Everyone is so nice and very helpful.
From Monique (Facebook 2012) Best prices in town. Family owned. Check them out.
From Lynn-Email March 31, 2012- You guys are the best. We served Black Barts Jamabalya, a vegetable rissoto and an awesome salad and your wine choices were fabulous...does anyone on the planet doubt your expertise and values? Tongiht we had halibut with a thinly sliced potato on top and it sat on a ragout of peppers and onion under it with the Clos Du BOis Red Blend. Perfect. you guys are awesome..thank you for all you do!
From Erik G.-San Diego (Yelp 2/12) Privately owned wine store that has the best customer service in it's class.   Matt, Kevin, Mark  and all the rest of staff are always super friendly and willing to assist in helping you pick out a bottle -  they'll even carry out your bottles/purchase to your car!  The best thing about this place is that all (or a majority) of the people who work here have tried every single wine that they sell.  This speaks volumes to their commitment to quality and what they represent.   At any time, you can ask them how this or that wine is and they will give you an honest opinion and recommendation.  You can't get that at a large publicly owned retail wine store.  You will also find that along the walls of the store are hand written colorful posters of some of their featured wines and recommendations.  These can range from quotes from the industry wine reviews (Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, etc.), or their own recommendations (i.e.  Matt's pick, or Mark's Pick...etc.).  I've never been disappointed when choosing a bottle in this manner. Matt (owner) has created a fantastic place for wine lovers to go to for variety and quality.  This is my go to place for stocking up on my wine.  
Nothing less than 5 stars.
From Dani-(email 2/2012) I just wanted to say I received my case of wine.This is my first order with your company, but not my last. I found your prices to be very good and your communication excellent.I love Cakebread wine but usually would not buy a case but with your prices, I couldn't pass it up. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
From Mike C.-San Diego (Yelp 2/2012) Now this place has some pretty good wine and you don't have to shell out several hundred dollars for a decent one. They have many 90+ point wines for around $10. Plenty of staff working the floor and they give you their expert advice right away...
From Maureen C. San Diego (Yelp 1/2012) SD Wine Co is seriously fantastic for a wine-shopping trip. Mark is incredibly helpful with recommendations and  knowing if and when a specific label will be making into his store.  Very reasonable prices; the best I have found in San Diego...
From Julie-(email January 2011) I want to say that I am not a wine drinker myself.  However, going to the San Diego Wine Company and having them help me pick out a bottle of wine for our event was great.  Even for those people who don't drink wine (me being among them) the San Diego Wine Company makes it a stress-free purchase for our school.
From Lindsay-San Diego (Yelp 11/21/10) Love, love, love this place! There is no better place in San Diego to find great wine at great prices.  The staff is extremely friendly and they know their stuff!  I can go in there at any time, tell them what I've bought in the past and they recommend wines for me that are in stock. They provide wonderful customer service and I have NEVER had a bad wine from them!
From Kate the SD Wine Company #1 Fan: "Just so you know you and your staff are my personal heroes. You stock an outstanding Bandol when you can get it. And for that, my friends and I are extremely loyal customers. As a matter of fact, I will be getting two to three cases from your fine establishment this weekend for a large family event next week. Your service and team are fantastic. SD Wine Co is a local gem!"
From Superpages.com (Guest 44018-March 2010)
This store is a terrific place . They have a great selection at great prices and friendly knowledgeable help!!! Try it you will love it!!
From www.erobertparker.com ,one of the most popular and respected web sites for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs: "San Diego Wine Company is tough to beat for prices..." "Matt and Mark give great customer service", "I, too, will echo the superlatives at the San Diego Wine Co..." 
From www.Yahoo.com (Travel), Mary Woods from San Diego says: "...every time I come home with a suggestion from one of the (SDWCO) staff, my eyes glaze over in bliss..." Jeff from San Diego says: "One of the best locations in San Diego for buying wines at good values."
 San Diego Wine Co BBB Business Review